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COACH is a registered non-profit organisation which takes care of abused and neglected children. Our children are referred to us by the Children's Court and our work is recognised by the Department of Social Development.

We are a registered Public Benefit Organisation, fully compliant with all the registration requirements in terms of that Act. In terms of the Income Tax Act  any donations made to us are tax deductible, one of the very few remaining tax deductions still available to taxpayers. A Section 18A tax deduction is  a deduction for donations made to registered public benefit organisations (PBOs). The amount of the deduction may not exceed 10% of your organisation’s taxable income.  To claim this deduction the donation to us must be:

–A bona fide donation. The donation may be in cash or in-kind. The donation must be a free will offering with no conditions attached to it;
–Made to a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO), which must carry on activities that are listed in Part II of the Ninth Schedule of the Income Tax Act – we are one of the few such organisations with all their paperwork up to date !
–We must provide you a section 18A receipt.

Your donations to us could take the form of cash or of a Prize that enables us to raise funds, or in the form of a donation in kind that takes our work with young people forward – we need many types of help, including cars to transport our young people; improvements to the homes they live in; clothing and educational support and medical help. Of course we need money to pay the staff who do the hard work of looking after and training our young people.


At St George’s Home, COACH helps stabilize young people’s lives by providing them with a home and ongoing counselling and support. Most of the children are over 10 years of age and many come to us from the Shelters where they have moved from the streets in an attempt to better their lives.

During their time with us we aim to develop a range of skills with a particular emphasis on literacy. Children may also enrol in a Vocational Training Institute paid for by COACH. They are able to choose from a variety of trade courses which once completed, enable them to secure employment so they are able to function independently in society. This particular programme focuses mainly on providing youth with the necessary skills and qualifications to gain employment, thereby contributing positively towards the province’s unemployment rate among youth. This may meet your CSI points requirements for the BBEEE scorecard you are looking to improve.

St Nicolas / St Joseph’s Homes provide a safe family environment for the children who are placed in our full time care by the Children’s courts.  Most of the children in our care are not orphans and have been through physical and emotional trauma. Intensive assistance is provided to the child and to family members to help heal broken relationships and improve parenting and child protection skills.

The ultimate goal is to reunite children with biological / foster families within a two year period. However due to the increasing number of teenage orphans, we are now keeping children until they complete matric. They are then transferred to St George’s Home where they are able to study and are further able to secure employment.


The majority of our youth at St George’s Home have no family or support.  We support them by sending them to FET Colleges for Vocational Training, studying various skills such as; Carpentry, Plumbing, Information Technology, Health and Beauty, Electrical Studies, Motor Mechanics or Call Centre Training. At the same time the children are placed in the ‘Independent Flat’ where they learn how to cope living on their own. A monthly budget is provided to them for household cost such as groceries, etc. but they are supervised and given support in this environment and we assist the children when they are ready to seek employment. Even when they have secured a placement, they continue to live with us for approximately a year until they are fully capable of moving out of the programme.

This work is a form of enterprise development for the purposes of your BBBEE points.


For a company to claim the full value of their contributions to Socio-Economic Development (SED) spend, the beneficiaries of the benefiting organisation must be at least 75% black.

The beneficiaries of COACH are 97 % Black and we have a 100 % B-BBEE SED Recognition.


A company’s contribution in the form of money or a donation in-kind which can include food, clothing, school stationery and uniforms, household equipment and appliances, repairs and maintenance, etc. required by the organisation can be added to your ED Scorecard. We will provide you with an 18-A Tax certificate which serves as the supporting documentation of your contribution.

Come and see us or contact our Fundraising Manager Sandhira to see how you can help us help our children take the next step in their lives.

Please support us, and help us make a difference in the lives of many disadvantaged children and youth, by helping them take the next step. Internet and bank deposits can be made in the following account:

Standard Bank– Small Street
Branch no: 001805
Account no: 001314149

Please remember to add your name as a reference, as well as the programme you are contributing towards. If you a first time donor, please call us to give us your contact details. A tax certificate and thank you letter will be issued to you as soon as your donation has been received.

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