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Sihle’s Story

My name is Sihle Henry Nkosi and I am 18 years old. I joined St George’s Home in March 2014. Before that, i was at a place of safety in Edenvale. St George’s Home took me in to give me a chance at a better future. I could have been the boy who roamed the streets living a life of crime. Instead, with the love, care and education from the team at St George’s Home, I am now an ambitious career orientated young man who believes that I am destined for greatness.

I have a dream of one day becoming a chef.

My inspiration came from working at Herfsland Old Age Home, where I helped in the kitchen. I will never forget the words of a special woman. She said to me, “Thank you very much. At least now I know I have a child I can call my own for you have gone out of your way to help us. God bless you”. It was those exact words that gave me courage and strength to push myself towards success. Till this day I live by her blessing and it gives me a sense of warmth to know that people do appreciate me.

I have my very own family here at St George’s Home. Someone to call ‘Mom’, someone to call ‘Dad’ and brothers and sisters that I share my life with and give me the support I need.

For that, I thank the team at COACH for giving me my second chance which I thought I may never have and I am confident that I will achieve my goals in the future.


Thandi takes the next step towards her bright future one dream at a time

Thandi has been in the program for the last three years. She initially came into the St George’s Home programme as a day student. Her commitment towards her studies made the staff to allow her to be a residential student.

She is a go getter, determined to follow her dreams and grabs every opportunity that comes her way.  She is a hard worker and a focused young person.

She has acquired a qualification in Beauty Care, First Aid. She recently graduated with a distinction in Chef training and received a Gold Medal.

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